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Samboosak deep fried pastry stuffed with ground beef onions, & pine nuts 3.75
Fatayer baked pastry stuffed with spinach golden raisins & pine nuts 3.75
Fattoush tossed salad with pita chips 3.95
Grape Leaves stuffed with seasonal rice 3.95
Lentil Soup with fresh bread 3.25

Salads & Wraps
Grilled Chicken Salad generous portion of either tawook malai shawarma or tikka chicken 6.95
Grilled Seafood Salad choose tillaia shrimp or our seasonal fish for a light and fresh different or try it as a wrap 7.95
Grilled Chicken Wrap tawook malai shawarma or tikka style chicken 6.95
Chappali Wrap middly spiced minced beef 6.95
Falafel Wrap traditional vegetable patties 6.95

Calamari served lightly fried with dipping sauce 5.95
Lobster Ravioli delicious filling complemented by alfredo sauce 8.95
Crab Legs 1/2 pound of succulent snow crab legs served with drawn butter and dipping sauce 12.95
Samak Kabab deliciously herb marinated filets of tilapia served over rice 7.95
Coconut Shrimp jumbo shrimp breaded with coconut lightly fried and served with dipping sauce 7.95

Cheese Ravioli 6.95
Manicotti 7.95
Meatballs With Rice 6.95
Pasta Combination choose any two (2) pasta items 9.95

Sides – Cold Bar
Grape Leaves stuffed with seasonal rice 3.95
Taboulen chopped parsley salad with cracked wheat onions and tomatoes 3.95
Baba Ghanoush pureed & seasoned eggplant dip 3.95
Hummus pureed & seasoned chickpea dip 4.25
Fattoush tossed salad with pita chips 3.95
Raita cucumber yogurt dip 3.25

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