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The Mediterranean Sea shaped some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, which gathered by its shores to dive for the delicious falafel and grape leaves growing beneath its crystal waves. Transport to this legendary culinary coast with today’s Groupon: for $15, you get $30 worth of Mediterranean fare at Borage Grill in Conyers.

The chefs at Borage Grill craft authentic Mediterranean classics using homemade sauces and fresh ingredients to sate the appetites of meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Break in bibs with dishes such as falafel ($6.95), beef chappali kebabs ($6.95), and succulent seared lamb chops garbed in a rosemary-herb marinade ($7.95). Diners looking for lighter fare can dig into salads and wraps ($6.95–$7.95) or dive into ocean-dwelling delicacies, including calamari ($5.95) and coconut shrimp ($5.95 starter, $7.95 platter). Sidekick suppers with add-ons, such as stuffed grape leaves ($3.95), and a smattering of hot and cold drinks including coffee ($2.45) and lassi, a refreshingly chilly yogurt-based drink ($2.45).

Borage Grill’s bold food is complemented by its cozy dining room, which is awash in warm tones and the sounds of recorded live concerts and grandmothers quietly reading storybooks.

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Samboosak deep fried pastry stuffed with ground beef onions, & pine nuts 3.75
Fatayer baked pastry stuffed with spinach golden raisins & pine nuts 3.75
Fattoush tossed salad with pita chips 3.95
Grape Leaves stuffed with seasonal rice 3.95
Lentil Soup with fresh bread 3.25

Salads & Wraps
Grilled Chicken Salad generous portion of either tawook malai shawarma or tikka chicken 6.95
Grilled Seafood Salad choose tillaia shrimp or our seasonal fish for a light and fresh different or try it as a wrap 7.95
Grilled Chicken Wrap tawook malai shawarma or tikka style chicken 6.95
Chappali Wrap middly spiced minced beef 6.95
Falafel Wrap traditional vegetable patties 6.95

Calamari served lightly fried with dipping sauce 5.95
Lobster Ravioli delicious filling complemented by alfredo sauce 8.95
Crab Legs 1/2 pound of succulent snow crab legs served with drawn butter and dipping sauce 12.95
Samak Kabab deliciously herb marinated filets of tilapia served over rice 7.95
Coconut Shrimp jumbo shrimp breaded with coconut lightly fried and served with dipping sauce 7.95

Cheese Ravioli 6.95
Manicotti 7.95
Meatballs With Rice 6.95
Pasta Combination choose any two (2) pasta items 9.95

Sides – Cold Bar
Grape Leaves stuffed with seasonal rice 3.95
Taboulen chopped parsley salad with cracked wheat onions and tomatoes 3.95
Baba Ghanoush pureed & seasoned eggplant dip 3.95
Hummus pureed & seasoned chickpea dip 4.25
Fattoush tossed salad with pita chips 3.95
Raita cucumber yogurt dip 3.25

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Zia Tusmani believes there are three key elements to any successful restaurant: quality, pricing and service. Tusmani is the owner and main cook of Borage Grill in Olde Town Conyers and he said he practices those elements every day.

Quality meals begin with quality ingredients and Tusmani buys and cooks only the best, freshest food he can find. All of the vegetables are brought to the store fresh every morning. All of the sauces and marinades are made from scratch every day. All of the meat is organic, and the lamb in particular is delivered all the way from Australia. It’s the “most expensive, highest quality” lamb available, Tusmani said.

“We don’t keep anything in the (refrigerator),” he said. “We keep nothing overnight. Everything is fresh and prepared (the same day.)”

Any food that is left over is either given to local food banks or taken home by employees.
Some of Borage Grill’s specialties include grilled lamb, shish taouk, the freshly baked bread, the Mediterranean pizzas and the Borage Sip, an aromatic tea.

Tusmani keeps his prices as low as possible to draw in and keep as many customers as he can. So far his strategy is working, as about 90 percent of his business is made up of returning customers. Entrées, which comes with rice and bread, cost between $5.65 and $7.95. Platters, which are entrées with two side dishes included, cost an extra $2 per meal. Tusmani said people often ask him how he can afford to charge such low prices. He said his small overhead cost and his volume of business help him keep prices down.

The third element is service and that applies to both the customers and the employees. Tusmani has attentive servers and the cooks make sure the food is prepared in a timely manner. Most of the employees are trained in each job, making the staff more versatile and able to adapt to needs.

However, the staff is treated equally well by Tusmani. His seven employees are placed in an employee benefit program and at the end of the year 20 percent of the yearly profits will be split between the employees. On top of that each employee gets free meals.

Tusmani also tries to serve the community by donating money to local churches and schools. He’s hoping to make his restaurant into more than just a place to eat. Tusmani is planning on adding several events in April, including a kids eat free night, where they can make their own pizza, a spouse eats free night, live music nights and a Sunday all-you-can-eat brunch buffet. And to top it off, Borage Grill delivers within a 5-mile radius.

Tusmani is hoping that his quality, pricing and service will continue to attract customers and quality staff. Even though Borage Grill has only been open for four months, Tusmani is already planning to franchise the restaurant. A handful of investors have approached him with the idea of opening more stores in Georgia and he has plans for a branch restaurant/regional office in Maryland.

But for now Tusmani is taking it one customer at a time.

“I believe Mediterranean food will work here,” he said. “I’m bringing something new to the area and making a place people will want to come to. It may take one customer at a time, but we’ll get there.”

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Borage Grill Halal Mediterranean Food

When you come to Borage Grill, you are paying a visit to the East! Located in Historic Olde Town Conyers, Borage Grill is the first true Mediterranean restaurant in Conyers and neighboring cities. Borage Grill offers great ethnic food, combined with exceptional service at affordable prices!

At Borage Grill, our goal is to ensure that every customer’s visit is a delightful and satisfying experience! This commitment extends in our mission to serve mouth-watering meals at reasonable prices in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Borage Grill prides itself in always using fresh ingredients in creating our sauces and gravies from scratch. Check out our healthy, low-fat menu and see the wide variety of choices for your dining pleasure. Choices range from grilled Kababs to Palaos and ethnic Mediterranean pizzas!

For your entertainment, Borage Grill plays recorded live concerts and performances of famous classical and pop artists from around the world. We guarantee an atmosphere where you will always feel welcomed!

We know that you will return to us for a continued satisfying experience!

We appreciate your patronage!